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Who we are

The Urban Street Farmers

Founded in 1966 as a small family business and acquired in 2002 by the Melchionda family, under the name Il Tuo Banco da Cira & Gerry, the business has grown, nurturing a passion for spreading the authentic flavors of the Maremma in Tuscany and sharing them with the world.


Il Mio Banco


Il Tuo Banco da Cira & Gerry


Il Tuo Banco - The Urban Street Farmers


We want to bring to the palate and heart of all food lovers in the world - even the most demanding globetrotters - the flavours, places and stories of courageous entrepreneurs, who with their daily work contribute to preserving the identity and iconography of our territory.


Driven by passion, dedication and hard work

The food culture, the focus on the quality of raw materials, the commitment to support small local producers, and the preservation of our territory have inspired the foundation of Il Tuo Banco - The Urban Street Farmers.

Il Tuo Banco's story is a solid weave of authenticity and generational continuity, from Cira & Gerry to Mayta & Alessio.

This shared passion represents a fundamental pillar of our evolution, aimed at preserving the identity of our business.

Here we are - Alessio and Mayta - where our dedication to the territory and good food intertwines with the legacy of our family.

We treasure the experience passed down by Cira & Gerry and are ready to continue our journey

In these years of activity, Il Tuo Banco has always nurtured enthusiasm for excellence. Today, with The Urban Street Farmers, it adds to this distinctive feature of our DNA the commitment to carry forward the pride of the genius loci of Maremma but with a global perspective, addressing the new needs of globetrotting gourmands to promote a good, healthy, natural, and sustainable lifestyle.

Mayta & Alessio

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