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Exploring the Vineyards of Maremma Toscana

Exploring the Vineyards of Maremma Toscana
By Mayta & Alessio, Il Tuo Banco - The Urban Street Farmers

The harvest is not just the initial step toward ensuring an exceptional vintage; it's a testament to the dedication of our winemakers in preserving the iconography of our precious and incomparable landscape, which has made us famous and recognizable worldwide.

The Maremma Toscana, dedicated to cultivating vines for centuries, seamlessly merges the benefits of the sea and the land, thanks to its unique climatic and morphological conditions. The annual harvest becomes a celebration of not only the grape but also the timeless connection between the vineyards and the remarkable surroundings.

The robust Morellino, the vibrant Alicante, the elegant Ciliegiolo, and the distinctive Pugnitello, each grape contributing its unique personality to the varietals that define the local winemaking landscape.

Pairing these wines is an art, and here are some tips:

  • Morellino: A perfect companion for hearty dishes like Tuscan steak or wild game.
  • Alicante: Its bold character complements grilled meats and savory stews.
  • Ciliegiolo: Known for its red fruit notes, it pairs beautifully with tomato-based pasta dishes and grilled vegetables.
  • Pugnitello: This rare gem finds harmony with aged cheeses and rich, savory dishes.

A Vineyard Visit at Podere Poggio Bestiale!

At Il Tuo Banco, we celebrate the artistry of winemaking and each bottle reflects the essence of this remarkable territory. Our journey as Urban Street Farmers took us to Magliano in Toscana, where we explored the vineyards nestled within the charming cantina of Podere Poggio Bestiale. A must-visit for wine enthusiasts, this picturesque spot adds another layer to our adventure, showcasing the unique stories that each vineyard in Maremma Toscana must tell.

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